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Cancun Mexico November 29th - December 10th 
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Recommendations before traveling

1. Participants must check if they need a visa to enter Mexico, in which case they should request it at the Mexican Embassy or Consulate of their choice. For visa information.

2. Participants arriving at Mexico that would like to import goods other than their luggage must comply with Mexican customs regulations. More information about regulated products entering Mexico. (Only spanish)

3. All participants must clear customs at the first port of entry. In case of connecting flights at one or more Mexican airports prior to arrival in Cancun, passengers must collect all their luggage and personal belongings, clear customs and check in again at the desk of the connecting airline.

4. It is recommended not to travel with pets or animals. For information regarding the procedure to be followed before travelling to Mexico otherwise, please visit:

5. Participants should consider that, in compliance with regulations in effect, it is not allowed to introduce certain articles into the gates prior to boarding and aircraft cabins. For more information, please visit:


Beginning April 16, 2010, "Turismo & Convenciones" will be responsible for hotel accommodations. Reservations can be made online at:

Book here (Recommended for individual reservations)

Alternatively, you may call +52 /10/11/12. (Recommended for special requests and group reservations)

It is highly recommended that delegations requiring a large number of rooms make their reservations through a central contact to ensure that all financial arrangements are handled properly for the duration of the event.

Dress Code

Taking into consideration Cancun’s warm weather, the host country and the Secretariat have exempted their staff from having to use a jacket and tie. Therefore, the dress code during the COP16/CMP6 will be casual smart.

The host country suggests the use of a “Guayabera” shirt, which is traditional attire in the South East region of Mexico, and usually known as menswear, however there are female versions of this shirt as well. They are generally used with light color trousers during the day and dark color trousers at night. Otherwise, a cotton or linen long sleeved shirt in light colors is advisable for men or traditional cotton dresses for women.




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