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Cancun Mexico November 29th - December 10th 
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Government delegates with diplomatic, official or service passport

  1. Citizens of the following countries holding diplomatic, official, service, special or consular passport do not require a visa to enter Mexico:
    Check the list
  2. Regardless of their nationality, COP16/CMP6 participants traveling with one of the following documents are not required to apply for a Mexican visa:

    • Officers traveling with Laissez-Passer issued by the United Nations may enter Mexico.
    • Participants holding a valid visa issued by the United States Government may enter Mexico showing this document and their valid passport.
    • Permanent residents in the U.S., Canada, Japan, United Kingdom or any Schengen country may enter Mexico with their valid passport and a proof of permanent residency in any of these countries.
  3. Delegates with diplomatic, official or service passports who need a visa can get it at the nearest Mexican Consulate or Embassy. Delegates shall submit personally or send through a third person or institution the following documents:

    • Verbal note requesting the visa.
    • Passport (valid for at least 6 months).
    • Visa application form duly filled out (visa application form).
    • Front view passport photo in color.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: These instructions are valid only to obtain visas holding a non-ordinary passport (diplomatic, official, etc). In case of submitting an ordinary passport, the applicant or the person who submitted the documents shall pay the consular fee (US $36 or the equivalent in other currencies). The application form duly signed should contain applicant fingerprints. In case of diplomatic or official passports, fingerprints are not necessary.
  4. Delegates of States Parties requiring a Mexican visa residing in a country where there is no Mexican Embassy or Consulate may:

    • Send original documentation to a third person residing in a country where there is a Mexican Embassy to apply for the visa and return the passport with the visa to its holder.
    • Request their Embassies in countries where there is a Mexican representation to personally submit their passports and required documents to apply for a visa. Once they get the visas, the applicants’ own Embassies will return the passports directly to their holders.
    • Go to the visa issuance office at the Mexican Permanent Mission before International Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland, or send passports and required documents through their missions in Geneva. For further information on this office please visit: (Only spanish). 
    • Attend personally any Mexican representative office in order to obtain their visas during a stop-over in their trip to Mexico.
  5. Note: No visas will be issued at any Mexican port of entry.

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