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Cancun Mexico November 29th - December 10th 
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Pre-COP opening: lobbying into Cancun negotiations

Mitigation and transparency issues marked as priorities for international commitment regarding climate change

Mexico City. With the purpose of establishing a priority action framework to negotiations towards the incoming COP16, the Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, and the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiana Figueres, started the  initial activities of Pre-COP16.

Addressing delegates representing more than 50 countries, outlined the central  discussion topics of the tables in this previous reunion to COP16. The panels will focus on main issues such as: mitigation, adaptation, financing and a revision of the Kyoto Protocol.

The Executive Secretary stated that the past meeting in Nagoya defined reachable goals for  Cancun. A balance, she said,  must be made between expectations and political compromise towards mitigation and transparency issues.

“ Cancun is a decisive opportunity to create common solutions for a common objective, in order to avoid irreversible damage”, according to the Executive Secretary of UNFCCC.

Regarding mitigation, Figueres emphasized the importance of  reaching the objectives already established by developed countries.

A revision on mitigation targets should be formalized and implemented under Kyoto Protocol standards. Also, it is necessary to help developing countries to implement their own mitigation strategies.

“Multilateralism is the way to achieve a significant change”, Secretary Espinosa highlighted, while adding that the international atmosphere has improved to restore trust, a task in which Mexico has made strenuous efforts.

The Executive Secretary Figueres spoke about the responsibilities of the assembled ministers representing different groups who share political positions, to move towards a successful outcome.

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Mexican Pavillion
Climate Change Village
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Tab One 
  • AWG-LCA approves accord proposal
  • Entrega Presidencia de la COP16 borrador de negociaciones
  • OSC ofrecen perspectivas a los delegados en la última jornada
  • Aprueba AWG-KP borrador de acuerdo
  • NGOs offer perspectives to delegates on final day
  • Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador discuss forestry programs
  • México, Costa Rica y Ecuador discuten programas forestales
  • Dialogue between Civil Society and Legislators
  • Diálogo entre Sociedad Civil y Legisladores
  • Competition of hybrid vehicles against conventional vehicles
  • Competencia de vehículos híbridos contra convencionales
  • Clausura de Green Solutions @COP16
  • Closure of Green Solutions @ COP16
  • Participación de México en la sesión de alto nivel de la COP16/CMP6
  • Mayors, delegates and legislators against Climate Change
  • Mexico presents his vision for REDD+ program
  • Sesión de alto nivel de la COP16
  • Press Conference by Ambassador De Alba on the progress of the meetings of the 50 Plus
  • Conferencia de Prensa del Embajador De Alba sobre los avances de las reuniones de los 50 Plus
  • Progress of the AWG-LCA and AWG-KP
  • Presentan avances de la AWG-LCA y AWG-KP
  • Mexico's participation in the high-level meeting of COP16/CMP6
  • High-level segment of the COP16 Conference
  • México presenta su visión para el programa REDD+
  • Ban Ki-moon opens high-level climate talks
  • Ban Ki-moon abre conversaciones de alto nivel sobre asuntos climáticos
  • Briefing Subsecretaría de Asuntos Multilaterales y Derechos Humanos, SRE, México
  • Reunión de la Unión Interparlamentaria
  • Panel Financiando el Cambio Climático
  • Presidente Calderón inaugura la expo Green Solutions
  • Advances Plenary Conference of the Parties COP16
  • Plenaria de Avance de la Conferencia de las Partes COP16
  • Perspectiva de la Juventud Mexicana frente al Cambio Climático
  • Perspective of Young Mexicans to Combat Climate Change
  • Foro sobre comunicación del cambio climático
  • Forum on Climate Change Communication
  • Panel Opinión pública versus Opinión de los expertos
  • Panel Public opinion vs. expert’s opinion
  • Environmental Film Summit on Climate Change Village
  • Cumbre de cine ambiental en Villa de Cambio Climático
  • Presentan edición en español sobre áreas protegidas
  • Premiere of film In lack each alakin
  • Se presenta el filme In lack each alakin
  • Segunda noche de música en Villa de Cambio Climático
  • Second Musical Night at Climate Change Village
  • Arquitectos del mundo marchan por la sustentabilidad
  • Vocal Music Group of SEMAR entertains at COP16
  • CONACYT y TERI colaboran en proyectos de desarrollo sustentable
  • CONACYT y TERI collaborate in sustainable development projects
  • International Union of Architects march for sustainability
  • Primera Sesión de Trabajo del AWG-KP en la COP16/CMP6
  • Press conference by leaders at the COP16/CMP6
  • Conferencia de prensa conjunta de las líderes de COP16/CMP6
  • Las mujeres de México frente al cambio climático
  • Mexico’s women against Climate Change
  • Noche de música en la Villa de Cambio Climático
  • Ceremonia de Inauguración: COP16 oportunidad histórica para salvar al planeta
  • Windmill will supply energy for COP16/CMP6
  • Presidente Calderón da la bienvenida a la COP16/CMP6
  • Mexican President welcomes the nations to the COP16
  • Business Climate Action 2010
  • Business Climate Action 2010
  • Great artists together for the environment
  • Grandes artistas se unen por el medio ambiente
  • El Presidente Felipe Calderón inauguró el Aerogenerador Eléctrico Cancún (spanish only)
  • El Presidente Felipe Calderón inauguró el Aerogenerador Eléctrico Cancún
  • Aerogenerador abastecerá de energía a COP16/CMP6
  • Mexico inaugurates Climate Change Village
  • México inaugura la Villa de Cambio Climático
  • La Canciller Patricia Espinosa Cantellano recorrió las instalaciones de la COP16/CMP6
  • Ambassador Patricia Espinosa, visited the stages for the work of the Climate Change Conference COP16/CMP6
  • Green Solutions@COP16 promote dialogue and participation to a green economy
  • Green Solutions@COP16 fomentará el diálogo y la participación hacia una economía verde
  • México buscará una agenda más amplia y promoverá el diálogo en la COP16
  • Mexico will look for a broader agenda and to promote dialogue at COP16
  • Inauguran Pre-COP: antesala a negociaciones en Cancún
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