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Cancun Mexico November 29th - December 10th 
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Eco Film Festival

Short films seek to raise public awareness about water care

Save water is the message left by the launching of the call to the Eco Film Festival in the Cancunmesse center, one of the venues of COP16. This Festival is a project of the Nature Man Foundation, which proposes to raise awareness of both young and adults about the most significant environmental problems through an annual short film competition.

The General Manager of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Omar Vidal, reported that only 1% of the water on earth is accessible to humans, so "we must exploit the water carefully, otherwise, this vital liquid could disappear completely."

Meanwhile, the Mexican singer and General Manager of the Nature Man Foundation, Emmanuel Acha, said that "it is important to raise awareness among children and young people on the planet, because they will suffer the water shortage in the future."

"Water is the ecological cycle which is first hit by the impact of Climate Change," said Jose Luis Luege Tamargo, General Director of the National Water Commission of Mexico (CONAGUA).

The short films on water issues will be on display in cinemas all over Mexico, from February to June 2011.

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