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Green fund would have equitable government

Negotiations will continue even after COP16

Negotiations for the creation of an international green fund indicate it would have a more equitable government agency, though it is unlikely for its outline to be ready before the ending of the 16th Conference of the Parties (COP16), said Adrián Fernández, president of the Mexican National Ecology Institute (INE).
“All countries are practically willing to explore governance schemas to that fund, which would not necessarily be traditional, in which donor countries would make the decisions and countries eligible for funding would not have the chance to express their opinions,” said during a press conference.

He also assured that Mexico is making great efforts so formal discussions in this conference reassume the commitments 85 countries voluntarily made during the COP15 in Copenhagen.

“What is on the negotiations table these days regarding the issue of mitigation is that countries find a formula or a schema, through which they can attract those proposals inside the core of the formal negotiations taking place here,” he said.

“In the end, we pretend this to cause a sort of acknowledgment of those countries, so there is an endorsement to what they voluntarily committed to do.”

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