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Cancun Mexico November 29th - December 10th 
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Press conference: President of the COP16/CMP6 and UNFCCC’s Executive Secretary

They are optimistic about the early securing of an agreement

At a press conference, Ambassador Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico and President of the COP16/CMP6 said that there is a clear interest in civil society and community in general on the issue of Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

She said that it is necessary that all the actors and every individual in particular join forces and seize the opportunities offered by green growth. She also said that the conditions exist for a package of comprehensive and balanced decisions to seek effective and decisive global action.

As Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres said that presidents worked in record time, that speaks about the efficiency and collaboration that this Conference has. She said the ministers began arriving since Saturday to join the session and they will focus on the progress of the key points on which they will deliver a detailed report to the President.

She noted that we should not underestimate the level of challenge; there is a challenge, but also a level of commitment and awareness that is reflected in the work of the first week. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico was optimistic when she said that this level of consciousness will make delegations come to an agreement, because they understand the urgency of it.

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