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PEMEX’s Climate Action Plan at Green Solutions

It will be based on mitigation, adaptation and transversal issues

The PEMEX Climate Action Plan was presented during the forum Green Solutions @COP16. With it, we seek to create value for the company and at the same time achieve a sustainable development schema, stated Carlos Murrieta Cummings, Operations Director of PEMEX.
The Action Plan is divided into three axes:

  • Mitigation: Direct, with actions such as energy efficiency and reduction of gas burning, and Indirect, which seeks to have no effects on the carbon footprint left by the company.
  • Adaptation: Divided into vulnerable operations and vulnerable communities. It is intended to build a vulnerability map which indicates the less favored facilities and communities to create helping actions.
  • Transversal Issues: It deals with project financing mechanisms.

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is also an important part of the Climate Action Plan of PEMEX; it is calculated that 20% of the reduction, from 550 to 450 parts per million, will come from this measure.

  “What we are doing will have a great impact on our companies’ sustainability and the environment,” stressed the Operations Director of PEMEX, during the event held at the Coral Garden Room of the Fiesta Americana Hotel in Cancun, Mexico.

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